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Car Buying Tips and Tricks, Car Selling Tips and Tricks

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  Why should I sell my car instead of trading it in?
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How do I close the deal?
New Car Buying Tips and Tricks, Used Car Buying Tips and Tricks

Interested in buying and selling an car? We have put together this comprehensive list of tips and tricks to assist you in making an educated decision about buying a new car or buying a used car. To get the maximum benefit from this list of tips and tricks we recommend obtaining information from all sources listed below. The more you know, the more leverage you have at the bargaining table.

Used Car Buying Tips and Tricks: Used Cars History Reports


Don't buy any used car or truck without checking its used car history first. Has it ever been salvaged? Flooded? In a major accident? Odometer rolled back?
New Car Buying Tips and Tricks: Shop around for competitive car loans



When you find a great interest rate, get pre-approved at that lender before you start negotiating with dealers. If a dealer can beat the rate you found, let him finance the car -- on a "simple interest" contract only. Otherwise, stick with your pre-approved car loan.


When your homework is done and you're ready for buying buy a new car, you start the negotiating process -- where new car dealers quote prices and you make counter-offers. If you've done your homework properly, this process should result in less haggling -- and lower prices. To make new car dealers compete (and drive the price down), use the Internet to get at least 2 price quotes before you start negotiating with any dealers. When you get to the contract stage, make sure the dealer doesn't slip any hidden charges into your car loan or car lease. To avoid this common rip-off, calculate your own monthly payments first. Finally, always negotiate the price of the new car, not the monthly payment.

New Car Buying Tips and Tricks: Car Insurance Quotes



Why check your car insurance costs? If you are purchasing a new car or a "new" type of vehicle than you previously own (like an SUV) your insurance costs will likely go up. This could be a deciding factor??

Used Car Buying Tips and Tricks: Free Used Car Buying Tips and Tricks Check List


Used Car Buying Tips and Tricks Check List PDF
Used Car Selling Tips and Tricks
Used Car Selling Tips and Tricks: Why should I sell my used car instead of trading it in?



It's simple - to boost your profit. Sell it yourself, and you get a higher value out of your used car.


Depending on the age and condition of your used car, you can pocket an extra Rs 10000 to 20,000 or more. Just think of it as cutting the middle man out. If you trade your used car in, the dealer has to pay to clean it, advertise it and sell it while making a comfortable profit. Your lower trade-in reflects that.


Besides, with today's online resources, selling your used car is easier than ever. Find out all you need to know to put your used car up for sale, and then list it at a less expensive price than traditional printed classified listings. Plus, you reach more buyers of used cars in your area - and across the country.

Used Car Selling Tips and Tricks: What are my first steps?



Selling your used car yourself can be rewarding, especially with a little guidance. We've come up with a few tips and tricks to make the experience easier and to help you get the best price for your used car.


Set a competitive price for your used car


A good place to start is determining the market value of your used car. Check out our used-car values page to find out what your used car is worth. You'll want to price competitively in your local market-look at our online ads in your area to see what used cars similar to yours are being sold for


If you're open to negotiation, determine the least amount you will accept for your used car. . Based on that amount, you may want to create some cushion in your price.


Remember, used car buyers are looking at the same online pricing guides, so if your used car price is close to or lower than the price they found, your used car could be that much more appealing.


Once you set your price, consider using the proper ad lingo to make your point:


Get your used car ready


Appearance is everything. That means you should thoroughly clean your used car, inside and out. And consider taking care of any minor maintenance issues.


Here's a laundry list of things you can do to improve your used car's appearance:

  1. Wash, wax and vacuum your used car.
  2. Wipe down the dashboard and other surfaces.
  3. Gloss up the tires and polish the wheels.
  4. Clean all glass inside and out, including mirrors.
  5. Clean out any junk from inside your used car and the trunk.
  6. Replace any burnt lights or fuses.
  7. Top off the fluids.


Gather your used car's records


Smart used car shoppers want to know how well maintained your vehicle is and will ask for maintenance records. A presentable maintenance log with all of your receipts, especially oil changes, can be a powerful selling tool.


Consider collecting the receipts you have and creating a maintenance log. If you know you had something done but can't find the receipt, log it anyway. Warranty receipts are especially important. If you've recently replaced your tires or battery, present the warranty to the buyer.


Purchase a vehicle history report


One of the biggest fears of used-car buyers is unwittingly buying a used car that has been in a wreck. A vehicle history report reveals if a used car was ever wrecked, whether the odometer was rolled back and other costly problems.


Presenting your maintenance records and a clean vehicle history report instills confidence in buyers - it could make the sale!

Used Car Selling Tips and Tricks: How do I advertise my car?



Your best bet is to place an online ad at Think about it this way: how many newspaper readers are looking to buy a used car? Compare that to the number of people visiting car websites like this one looking to buy a used car now.


You'll also get more sophisticated options, like editing tools and more space to show off your used car.


Here are some surefire bets to bring you more responses.


Post quality photos of your used car


You don't need to have a digital camera to post photos. Just take your traditional film to your local photo-processing lab and ask for a photo CD. You can easily upload photos from the CD to your ad. Or, you can turn your prints into digital pictures with a scanner.


Before you point and shoot, remember these guidelines

  1. Photograph your used car in daylight.
  2. Avoid reflections and shadows from the sun and trees.
  3. Photograph your used car at a front-side angle to achieve a good view of the entire car.
  4. Park your used car against a flattering backdrop.
  5. Make sure your used car is clean and neat in appearance.
  6. If you post multiple photos, photograph the interior and any special features about your used car, such as specialty tires and wheels.


Give details used car buyers will respond to


Another benefit of advertising online is providing a complete description of your used car. You get to give buyers those extra details that grab their attention.


In your ad, you will list your used car's basic details and options installed. With that important information already out of the way, you can focus on making your description enticing.


Consider giving some of the following details:

  1. Appeal to a used car buyer's lifestyle. Ex. Van - great family car," economy car - "excellent gas mileage makes it a great commuter car," truck - a dependable work truck."
  2. Use key phrases that typically signal you've taken care of your used car, like "one owner," "kept in garage" and "maintenance records available." But do be honest!
  3. Mention any non-standard modifications and improvements, such as stereo, speakers and specialty wheels.
  4. List any recent replacements, like new tires or battery.


Be prepared to field inquiries


Once you place an ad for your used car, be ready to answer questions. Keep a list of basic facts about your used car near the phone and computer. Print out the online sources that show your user car's market value.


Used car buyers are making a big decision, so try to answer every question honestly and openly. You'll save yourself time instead of making unnecessary appointments.


Make appointments for a specific time, rather than allowing a buyer to show "sometime after work." It increases the chances of the buyer making it, and it doesn't waste your time. If you feel uncomfortable with a buyer coming to your house, arrange to meet in a populated, well-lit area.

Used Car Selling Tips and Tricks: How do I close the deal?



You've done your homework. Now it's time to sell your used car. With a little preparation and patience, you should do just fine.


Show your used car to interested buyers


Once you make an appointment, a buyer will most likely want to take your used car for a spin.


Before the test-drive, remember to:

  1. Ask to see a valid driver's license and proof of insurance.
  2. Let the buyer drive, but you navigate.
  3. Have a planned route in mind that allows the buyer to experience different driving conditions.

If a buyer is very interested and wants you to hold the used car, ask for a deposit and specify that it's only for a certain amount of time. Also, some buyers may want to have the used car inspected by their mechanic. This is a reasonable request, but it's up to you how you want to handle it.


Negotiate a fair price


By now, you know what your used car is worth, and you know what you're willing to accept. Prepare yourself with possible responses when a buyer begins to negotiate. For example:

  1. If a buyer mentions a scratch or ding, say it's normal wear and tear and that it's accounted for in the depreciated market value.
  2. If a buyer makes an offer lower than your asking price, counter offer. Never seem too eager to lower your price. And don't budge beyond your minimum.
  3. If a buyer shows you a mechanic's receipt for repairs needed on your used car, take a look at the repairs. If they're warranted, consider reducing the price based on the amount needed for the repairs. If you advertised that your used car is being sold "as is," then simply refer to your ad.


Finalize the sale


Once you settle on a price, accept only cash or a cashier's check before you sign over the title. And make sure the check has cleared at the issuing bank. Be suspicious of any used car buyer who offers a complicated payment arrangement that involves overpayment with a refund. This is often a sign of fraud. To learn more about spotting a scam, read our fraud awareness tips.


You should have a bill of sale ready for both parties. A bill of sale is a sales receipt that shows transfer of ownership to the buyer and contains both parties' contact information, details about the car, the agreed upon sell price and the odometer reading. To find a bill of sale, your state motor vehicle website should offer a detailed form. If not, try an office supply store for a generic form that you can add to if needed.


If you still owe money on the used car and a lending institution is holding the title, you can finish the sale with the buyer at the offices of the lender. Once you have the money and the loan has been paid off, sign the title to the buyer.


One last thing - don't forget to cancel or transfer your insurance policy to your new car.


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