Dirt Films for Panes

Dirt Panes In the past years they have appeared in the advertisement again and again: cleaning agents to seal the windshields to reduce pollution and abrasion. If the dirt film works perfectly the windshield wiper is almost no longer needed, according to the manufacturers. The experts wanted to know it for sure and has studied the topic "windscreen sealing" intensively.

By creation of an extra plane surface the raindrops should be blown away from the windscreen as little water balls. With this  "roll off system"  the use of wipers should be reduced or even become unnecessary.

Such a treatment for your windscreen costs a lot depending on the vehicle and on top of that you have to pay for about 1 hour amount of work in the garage. However the dirt films for windscreens which have been developed in the past years last for at most twelve months. A protection which lasts longer is not possible because the modern wiper systems cause with their high downforce a drastic abrasion. Is the front screen sealed after-treatments on a regular basis are necessary. Otherwise the windshield has to be changed because the coating rests are not fully removable.

Another disadvantage of the front screen sealing: not until you driving at least 80 to 90 km/h the roll off system of the water balls fully works. If you're driving in the city, and that is according to statistics, half of all traffic the desired effect will not be achieved. Then the windshield wiper has to run permanently. Also in winter there are restrictions with the sealing technique. After clearing the freezed pane it is tarnishing again. It has to be warmed up first, for the view is guaranteed.

That is the reason why the experts do not recommend front screen sealing. Besides the already mentioned disadvantages there exist additional problems during application for  "Do you it yourselvers"  because it is not very easy to apply the compound smear-free. On top of that many sealing products are not environment friendly.

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