Checklist for test drive

testdrive The times where people signed the sale contract directly after a quarter hour of test drive with the seller are over. Last but not least the high pressure in the field of the new car market gives a lot of clients the possibility (before buying an automobile) to take a look at the market situation and to compare. Below is a check list for test drives and buying a new car.
arrow Before the test drive arrow At the dealer
arrow During the test drive arrow After the test drive
Before the test drive :
A test drive can also last a few days without actually having the obligation to buy the car. You rent the car which you tend to buy at a car dealership. That's a lot cheaper than a mistaken purchase. If it comes to signing the sales contract the major part of the dealers take the rental costs into account.

In particular with upper class brands a vehicle is placed in front of the house for a weekend and the potential buyer has to pay only for the used gasoline. Sometimes there are extra charges for additional kilometers beginning at a certain limit (most of the time 100 km).

Here is a checklist for the test drive :
arrow Express your own requirements (maximum prize, number of seats, stowage space, form, consumption, performance, trailer and roof rack working resistance etc).
arrow Get prospectuses and evaluate them.
arrow Read reviews (car tests, tests in practice, malfunction statistics).
arrow Set your limits to approx. five vehicles.
arrow Compare prizes of new cars and pay attention to exclusive offers.
arrow Make seating tests in exhibit cars.
arrow Make an appointment with the dealer with the desired model, at best via fax, because that expresses serious interest and propose 2 or 3 alternate dates, leave telephone number.
arrow Appointments during the week are easier to get than from Friday to Monday.
arrow Determine routes which are already familiar with the driver(e.g. routes to the shopping mall, route to work, to school, to friends etc.) also drive through narrow and angled alleys to get a feeling for the capability of maneuvers of the car.
arrow Take your own children along with the ride (or children of friends if own offspring is expected).
At the dealer :
arrow Take along a printout of the respective test review.
arrow Keep valid drivers licence ready.
arrow Before take-over check vehicle very exactly for damages and list them in the take-over certificate you should sign only after that.
arrow Let you explain the functions of the car.
arrow Keep ready your typical cargo, try loading and unloading (with items you need for you hobbies such as angling rod, model planes, music instruments, ski etc.).
arrow In case of an accident please contact immediately the dealer and discuss the further proceeding.
arrow Don't led other people drive which are not registered at the dealership, otherwise the registered test driver is responsible for the damage of others, too.
During test drive :
arrow Let co-driver write on noticeable problems and further questions.
arrow Don't drive just racy with high engine speeds, drive also at slower speeds and on bad roads to notice interference or flapper sounds.
arrow Ask the other passengers about their experiences (enough space for legs, good adjustable seats, view).
arrow Check if the vehicle fits your own garage or underground parking lot.
arrow Open all compartments, fill them with all the implements you normally have in your car (sort out all the items you don't need anymore).
After the test drive :
arrow After returning from the test drive check the vehicle together with the seller for defects and let confirm in writing that the car is free of defects.
arrow In case of an accident immediately contact police and inform dealer.
arrow If defects occur during the drive name them immediately and let them be confirmed in written form.
arrow Make your purchase decision only after a few days distance.
arrow Evaluate notes of the test drives.
arrow Clear all occurring questions.
arrow Fix all assurances in written form in the sales contract regarding special vehicle characteristics (e.g. gratis mounting of the winter tires, car arrives not later then...).

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