Safety Belt in Pregnancy

woman You got a queasy feeling when you and your baby fasten your seatbelts in the car? You're surely right, you should pay attention to a few things. Fasten your seatbelts in a proper way is nevertheless the right decision and here we show you why.
arrow Pregnant woman in car : never without seatbelt!

arrow ..and here are some hints for your health form the world of motors
During the pregnancy in the car: Never without seatbelts
arrow Pregnant women should fasten always with the three point seat belt, too. The seatbelt have to be close-fitting. The part which passes above the pelvis has to be guided as low as possible under the waist.
arrow If you're not strapped you risk severe injuries for you and the baby in case of an accident . Besides, in the event of damage you could risk a joint guilt on the consequences of the accident and therefore a decrease of compensation.
arrow If possible don't drive yourself very often, the most risk of injuries is in case of a collision when the waist touches the steering wheel rim.
arrow Is the seating position correct (correct distance to the airbag, please take a look at your car manual) an airbag activation provides no problem for a pregnant woman or for the unborn child.
arrow In the last month of the pregnancy car drives should be reduced if possible.
..and here are some health hints from the world of motors
Even professional drivers have felt it: Driving car when your pregnant makes you more fatigue and is also more stressful. During the test drive which happened under medical surveillance in the ADAC drive safety center in Augsburg, pulse and blood pressure of the soon-to-be -mother increased slightly and the stress hormones doubled. The baby in the stomach reacted with heart palpitations and heavy pedalling on the emergency stops and turns. Soon after the course both were calmed down again. Our expert for prenatal medicine gives pregnant women who still want to drive the following advice:

arrow No overexertion! Less stress than before the pregnancy.
arrow At least every two hours rest and movement.
arrow It is important to activate the calf pump, e.g. raise the toes a couple of times and push the soles of the foot alternately firmly aground. This works fine during traffic jam.
arrow Wear specially adapted compressions stockings.
arrow Drinking a lot of water is important, if possible more than 2 liters a day

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