Aquaplanning Foot off the gas and straight on
The experts name the most dangerous aquaplaning traps. During strong rain aquaplaning makes even cars with the best tires virtually unable to maneuver. If you're driving too fast, the front tires cannot push away the water fast enough and between tires and track establishes a water wedge. The contact to the track vanishes suddenly and you can neither stop nor steer the vehicle.
Though modern expressways are build that rainwater drains as fast as possible, on unfavorable spots it can happen that there are water puddles which present really bad aquaplaning traps. Most of all in India such road construction norms are often not implemented in the proper way. The experts name the most dangerous aquaplaning traps :
arrow Curves in which the water amounts because the drain system of the lane doesn't work properly.
arrow Underpasses in which the gully is blocked.
arrow Lane grooves in which the water amounts.
arrow Very broad roads with multiple tracks, for example motor way junctions, on which it takes more time, until the water is drained across the whole lane.
arrow So called s-curves, whose banking changes. Here the water accumulates on the flat section of the crossover from one side to the other.
arrow Roads near mountain and precipices, on which the rain can search itself the shortest way to the valley.
Aquaplaning announces itself through a steering of easy motion, wheel spinnig of the motor and water sounds below the car.

Who blunders unexpectedly in one of this traps should by no means try to brake but should disengage the clutch and keep the steering wheel in the direction of motion. Because the wheels should not be blocked or be in the wrong direction when they get in touch with the road again. Automatic drivers should concentrate on the steering and not try to take out the drive position. The experts recommend all drivers to keep an eye on the track during rain to identify those aquaplaning traps early enough and to adapt the speed to the circumstances.

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